Water Sampling

Water Sampling Services

Bacterial analysis and legionella water testing is the process of taking a water sample, in a suitable bottle that is maintained in a sterile state until used, these samples are then sent across to our partner UKAS accredited laboratory for quick analysis and fast results. 

Although not legally required in many systems, regular water sampling can help clients to provide an effective way of ascertaining assurances that the control measures in place are effective. 

HC Legionella Ltd are able to collect water samples fully utilising the methodologies listed in BS7592:2022 Sampling for Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems. 

Once collected the samples will be transported to our partner UKAS accredited lab for analysis. HC Legionella Ltd only utilise the services of laboratories with UKAS accreditation to ISO17025 that offer analysis of the water for full Legionella bacterial analysis and do not analyse only for the presence of Legionella Pneumophilia.

All interim results will be reported direct to the client upon identification with system specific recommendations in the event of positive bacterial counts and final results will be delivered on receipt.

HC Legionella Ltd are able to support their clients through the entire process of sampling assisting them to manage through to resolution. 

Our highly experienced staff are able to assist in determining if sampling is required, assist in designing that programme in line with guidance documents such as BS7592:2022 and client written schemes and water safety plans, give full comprehensive advice in the event that positive results are identified including options for immediate risk mitigation if needed. If required HC Legionella can also then assist in the remediation programme required to manage the event right through to the point of full resolution working closely to support our clients every step of the way.

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