Legionella Filters

Point of Use (PoU) Legionella Filters

HSG 274 Part 2 P2.117 (an in greater depth in in greater depth, in
HTM 04-01 Part B P7.45 to 7.49) identifies that PoU filters are an effective and acceptable response to a loss of control as a temporary measure.

The trigger for consideration of PoU filters should always be based on a loss of control and a clear infection pathway being present.

HC Legionella Ltd are able to support their clients with the supply, installation and management of PoU filters as a means of risk mitigation.

Working closely with our suppliers HC Legionella Ltd are able to offer solutions for most settings including single taps, mixer taps, sensor operated taps, hand held shower heads and fixed shower heads, where space is at a premium or ligature risk dictates HC Legionella Ltd are also able to offer in line solutions with filters installed on the supply pipework instead of the outlet.

PoU filters for tap outlets or hand held showers can be offered in either 31 or 92 day options, fixed PoU filters such as fixed shower heads or inline filters are only offered on a 92 day filter.

Our highly experienced staff are able to assist in determining if PoU filters are the right solution for your scenario and the right response based on the control issues found on site and if required can also then assist in the remediation and sampling programme required to manage the event right through to the point of full resolution.

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