Clean & Disinfection

Clean and Disinfection Services

Over time cold water tanks, often found in lofts, basements and airing cupboards become dirty with debris, sediment, scale, sludge, biofilm, fouling, stagnation, rust & corrosion, foreign bodies and plant growth. 

Should contaminants enter water tanks or build up over time, they provide a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens.

An annual inspection of cold-water storage tanks will help to determine if cleaning and/or disinfection is required, as stated in the associated governance documentation such as HSG 274 and HTM04-01.

HC Legionella Ltd offer our services to carry out full clean and disinfection of cold-water storage tanks, full systemic disinfections and even aerator and scaled outlet cleaning works. 

These works are offered following recommendations made in a legionella risk assessment, following identification of poor conditions during PPM checks, following identification of positive legionella bacteria or, potentially if part of the written scheme, as part of a routine PPM regime.

HC Legionella Ltd will work with the client to ensure that the programme of works is designed in a way that will aim to deliver the correct end result and can help you identify the extent of works required, can advise on the best chemical use, concentrations and contact time required to deliver the service, drawing on their extensive knowledge of water systems and risks of bacterial proliferation within water systems. 

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