Authorising Engineer

Authorising Engineer for Water Services

The role of the authorising engineer for water services, AE(W), is a key element of the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 00 for hospitals and healthcare organisations.

Larger premises and multisite clients that have complex water systems or large-scale portfolios however may also find it challenging to manage their water systems and due to this the role of the AE(W) is also becoming increasingly popular in other facilities where the risk from legionnaires disease, legionella bacteria, and other waterborne pathogens require expert management to ensure compliance with the law.

The emerging AE(W) role is a risk management-based role combining skills from engineering, building services, health and safety and microbiology.  Appointment of this role within an organisation is considered best practice, allowing healthcare providers and others to demonstrate that they have appropriate governance arrangements in place and that they are managed effectively.

It is important to understand that the AE(W) acts independently of the trust, business or company they are appointed to support.  They are an independent advisor whose primary role is to provide ongoing specialist guidance assisting organisations in managing the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens such as pseudomonas, coliforms, Stenotrophomonas and more as well as other factors that can affect water safety.

An AE(W) is appointed directly by a hospital, healthcare organisation, NHS Trust or other business to advise responsibility for the effective management of the safety guidance recommended by the department of health.

HC Legionella Ltd employs experienced technically qualified individuals and can offer AE(W) services providing advice on the provision of safe water services in accordance with all relevant water services governance documents.

Our authorising engineer has in-depth knowledge, skills, and competence to support managers of healthcare services, trained to city and guilds standard with over 18 years’ experience in the field of water management and legionella control and is available to offer technical support and specialist advice in the following areas:

  • Provide technical and engineering support in the development of a suitable, sufficient, and appropriate water safety plan and safe system of work.
  • Assess the experience, training and competence of key staff providing recommendations of appointment.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the water safety plan, works systems and regulatory compliance of the organisation through internal and external audits.
  • Provide technical and engineering support on water safety issues during regular and routine water safety group meetings.
  • Review building and water systems design information to ensure water safety standards are maintained to effectively eliminate or reduce risk.
  • Design and deliver training and facilitate workshops to ensure personnel involved in water system safety have the necessary level of knowledge and competence to fulfil their role effectively.
  • Undertake investigations with respect to near misses, accidents and bacterial presence liaising with enforcing authorities where required.
  • Give advice on water sampling results.
  • Provide an annual water safety audit.
  • Attend estates department meetings.

Provision of these services can be fully tailored to the clients’ requirements.

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